AGM 2016/17 – The BIG wet one!

For our AGM event this year we aimed to link up with St Michael’s ECO group and make a contribution to the wider community by raising funds for Water Aid as well as our own group.We raised a total of £118.74 between the two charities.

The challenge – part 1 (45 mins)
Each section was given a standard size plastic mug.    They filled this with water in the churchyard, and then carried the water carefully along a set route, making sure not to spill any, and on arrival back at the churchyard had to carefully pour the contents into a measuring container.   Route: Down Churchside, up Backwallgate, along Mill Street, across Market Place.

Sponsorship of the event was via sponsor forms issued about a month before.   Sponsorship was based on the total number of millilitres the section successfully transfers into their measuring vessel.
The winner of the challenge is the section who gets the most water in their vessel.   It is not a race against the clock.   The vessel will be different depending on age groups.

Well done to the senior section who carried the most water!


Following the challenge, we held our AGM in the church and then enjoyed a Barbeque tea on the church lawn outside.

The AGM report for 2016/17 can be downloaded here:



About Water Aid…

Imagine life without water flowing freely from a tap. Imagine waking up at dawn and spending up to six hours fetching water for your family’s needs. One in eight people worldwide do not have to imagine this life – it is their reality.  In rural Africa women often walk for up to ten miles to fetch water. The tragedy is that, having spent somuch effort reaching a water source, the water itself is often dirty, polluted and unsafe to drink.
The daily burden of collecting water prevents women from working and children from going to school.  Worse still, diseases like diarrhoea and dysentery caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation result in the deaths of 5,000 children every day. WaterAid believes that access to safe water and sanitation underpins health, education and livelihoods, and forms the first, essential step in overcoming poverty.

£15 is enough for WaterAid to enable one person to gain access to a lasting supply of safe water, sanitation and hygiene education, so imagine the impact your walk could have!