Explorer Scout Partnership Agreement

Zulu Explorer Scout Unit Partnership Agreement
V1.0 Final.   October 2017

  1. Introduction
    • This agreement is between the Macclesfield and Congleton Scout District, the Macclesfield Parish Church Scout and Guide Group and the Zulu Explorer Scout Unit
    • Membership of the Unit is open to any member of The Scout Association aged 13½ to 18 years old inclusive.
    • Management of the Group is the responsibility of the Group Scout Leader. Management of the Explorer Scout Unit rests with the District Explorer Scout Commissioner
    • Should any numbers of any District Explorer Scout Unit fall below ten the District will review the viability and locations of Units.
  2. Liaison between the Unit and the Group
    • Effective liaison between the Group and Zulu Explorer Scout Unit is important. The Zulu Unit Explorer Scout Leaders are expected to attend Group Leaders’ Meetings. In addition, the Zulu Unit Explorer Scout Leader is invited to attend the Group Council Committee Meetings. The DESC and / or DC or any other nominated District representative may also attend these meetings.
  3. Links between the Scout Troop and the Explorer Scout Section
    • The Scout Leader and Explorer Scout Leader will meet at least 3 times a year to plan linking between the two Sections.
    • The Scout Leader and the District Explorer Scout Commissioner will ensure that effective transfer of Members takes place. The aim is for ALL Scouts to become Explorer Scouts. This will be helped by regular communication between the Scout Leader and the Explorer Scout Leader and joint activities between the sections.
    • Every year, the Group Scout Leader will provide details of Scouts aged 13 and over to the District Explorer Scout Administrator.
    • A Scout may choose to join any Explorer Scout Unit. This Agreement does not mean that Scouts should only join the Unit partnered with this Group. It is recognised that Scouts may join one or more Explorer Scout Unit(s). It is anticipated that one Explorer Scout Young Leader will work with each feeder Troop for the Unit to maintain links between Scouts and Explorer sections.
    • The Unit must wear the District Explorer Scout neckerchief and name tape.
  4. Equipment, facilities and resources
    • The Explorer Scout Unit will meet at the Group HQ on Station Street, Macclesfield, which is the property of the Macclesfield Parish Church Scout and Guide Group. [The financial arrangements for providing the meeting place are the responsibility of the Group, not the Zulu Explorer Scout Unit.
    • The Group will provide building access keys to the Unit Leader, including access to the QM stores.
    • The Explorer Scout Unit will normally meet at 8:15pm every Thursday. The Unit may also use the meeting place at other times, ensuring that the Group’s booking procedure is followed.
    • The Scout Group will provide the Unit with access to tents, equipment and other resources as agreed in line with the Group booking procedures. The Explorer Unit will make good any damage to Group equipment where an insurance claim is not required and any excess charge where a claim is required. The Group is responsible for ensuring equipment is insured for use by the Explorer Scout Unit under the normal insurance policy. There will be no charge to the unit for the use of equipment belonging to the Group; however, where Calor gas is used for camping it is expected the gas will be refilled; costs met out of the camp/event budget.
    • The Unit will support the Group in providing QM stores management. This includes assisting with checking and labelling all tent equipment, ensuring gas stocks do not run low, ensuring shelves are labelled clearly, equipment stowed correctly, and any damage and faults are reported to the Group Quartermaster.
    • The Group Quartermaster is responsible for ensuring that equipment is booked out and booked in and ensuring any damage/repair work is carried out. Where the group has no quartermaster appointed the responsibilities fall to the Group Executive Committee.
    • The Scout Group will, in the event of the Unit’s closure, have ownership of any shared equipment. Any other resources will go to the District Scout Council
    • If the District or County use the Group’s specialist equipment, normal charges will apply
  5. Financial management and rent
    • The Explorer Scout Unit will manage its own finances in accordance with requirements set out by the DESC
    • The Unit’s capitation will be collected by the Unit and paid directly to the District Treasurer when requested. Where an explorer scout is a full time Young Leader in one of the group sections, the group will refund the cost of the capitation to the individual Young Leader.
    • The Unit will support both Group and District in Fundraising events. The Unit will host 1 District Explorer Scout event per year open to all District Explorer Scouts and Young Leaders. The Group will ensure that the Unit are invited to at least 1 group-wide event per year.
    • A building rental of £360 per year (£120 per term) will be charged; payable annually in February in arrears. This rate includes a 10% reduction providing QM stores are maintained in accordance with clause 4.5 above. The rate will be reviewed annually in April at the start of each fiscal accounting period, as part of the partnership agreement review.
  6. Review
    • This agreement will be reviewed by all annually (every April) or if there is a change of any of the persons holding the roles below:

Signed 12th Oct 2017
M Brown GSL
C Bennett ESL
M Taylor DESC