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Pilot Makes Igloos

Rainbows Pilot

Monday evening Rainbows pilot the new hut by making igloos from marsh mini mallows.

They experienced a hut with no heating and no kitchen, but were still markably warmer than before we started.

Snowdrop commented “you used to walk in and could see your breath”.  And in the beginnings of winter no-one was wearing a coat and there was no sign of physical activity.

This pilot was possible due to the small size of the Rainbows group and the more placid activities they enjoy.  We’re now working hard to get cubs in on Thursday for their first experience of the new hut.

We have lift off!

June 5th saw our official re-opening of the hut, coupled with our AGM and opportunites to showcase what our group does to a range of VIPs from the local community.

We were pleased that our MP David Rutley, and our Mayor were both able to cut the ribbon and launch our hall.    Each section displayed an activity from their section, and tea/cakes were enjoyed.   Archery was provided on the back lawn.

The hall was full of visitors, and we were pleased to conduct our AGM business in record time and fill some key roles – we still have many positions open though!

A range of reports were provided for the AGM, and a copy of the booklet can be downloaded here.  AGM Booklet 2016

Let there be light

One of our volunteers works for GE, and GE Lighting very kindly agreed to help our refurbishment by donating new state of the art LED strip lights for use in the main hall and kitchen area.    LED lights again help to reduce our energy costs and carbon footprint; making our hut one of the most eco-friendly youth venues in Macclesfield.    Thank you to GE for your contribution!

(Picture of lighting to follow)

Getting warmer…

While we were waiting to sort out the steel uprights, our builders were busy on the far side of the building with fitting insulation to the walls and roof.     Roof bolts were tightened, and 4″ thick celotex insulation fitted to make the building more eco-friendly.
By the end of the 3rd week, the walls were all in place and plastering applied; ready for the big clean up.    While our young people were raising funds at Tesco with a bag pack, parents worked hard cleaning down the floor, tables and chairs ready for meetings to start using the hut again once its handed back to us.


Holey moley!

It was quite a surprise to us when we started on the refurbishment to find that there was a lot of water damage under the floor.    This appears to have built up over a number of years having drained off the front driveway and left stood with nowhere else to go.   As well as a rotting floor, this had also corroded the steel upright roof supports.


Within the space of a week, we had the steels assessed by a structural engineer, drawings made for steel brackets, brackets manufactured and the final brackets fitted.     It set the build back by a week, but we know that the building is structurally sound for a good time to come!


Parent Discount Offer – Tile Giant Macclesfield

As part of our hut refurbishment Tile Giant (on Statham Street) have given us the kitchen tiles and everything we need to apply at wholesale prices.

This is just one example of the excellent support we are receiving for our refurbishment from around the Macclesfield community.

But the generosity doesn’t stop there.  They’ve also offered you, the parents, 10% off any projects you are planning in your own house.  There will be discount vouchers available in the hut or you can download the TileGiant Discount Voucher here and quote “Macclesfield Parish Scouts and Guides Refurbishment” in the shop.

New Store Room

After a 2 day push the old Leaders Room has become our new store room.

We now have:

  • Lots of racking
  • Clear floor space
  • A new easy-clean floor
  • Materials to finish the corridor too

What an amazing effort by everyone involved.  Now the building can start…. Full Steam Ahead

18th October before we start, you will recognise the hut in it’s current state.

As the refurbishment moves forward more images will be posted….

Equipment storage and heating

Equipment storage and heating

Existing kitchen facilities

Existing kitchen facilities

Refurbishment is GO!

After a lot of discussion and planning, we are embarking on the first phase of an ambitious plan to upgrade the hall on Station Street, which we hope will be completed by December 2015.

At the end of the first phase we will have:

  • Insulation – a much warmer hut and lower gas bills
  • Covering of all the iron upright beams – no need for foam strips to stop bumped heads
  • Increased storage and organisation of storage; making much better use of the leaders room
  • A new large kitchen with improved storage space and facilities
  • Replacement ceiling panels with new tent drying hooks
  • Finished before Christmas