Hike Information

Macc Hike is a non-competitive event for Scouts and Guides in Macclesfield and Congleton area. It is designed as a practice / “finishing school” for the larger Cheshire Hike event. Typically 30 to 40 teams take part. Introduced to the district in 2006 by Mike Brown, the event has grown year on year into a formidable weekend where over 100 adult volunteers work together to ensure every participant succeeds.

Macchike Expedition Manual 2019 version

Macchike 2019 entry form Macchike 2019 info sheet

Cheshire Hike is a competitive event for Scouts and Guides in Cheshire. Around 100 teams of 2 take part in the event in each age category, with a total of around 800 participants. Similar to the MaccHike in terms of walking and navigation, but this time the teams are scored for speed, accuracy of navigation, and are set team challenges at the checkpoints along the route.