Our Vision for 2020

Vision 2020 – what we want to be…

In 2015/16 we joined together to look at our group and created a collective vision of what our group should be like in the year 2020.

Some of the vision statements we already do very well; and they are included to ensure they remain important to us.   Other ideas provide us with new challenges and opportunities for us to grow as a team.  Over the next few years we will use this vision to guide us in our planning and when reflecting on the progress we have made.

Please have a read through our vision; is there something that you can help us do?If you have any comments on this vision document, please do let us know – gsl@mpcsg.co.uk

“Dreams, though, are cheap, and the real task comes when you start putting in place the steps needed to make those dreams a reality.” ― Bear Grylls, Mud, Sweat and Tears



We put safety first

We discuss safety at every meeting of adult volunteers

We encourage our young people to think about safety at every meeting

We continue to carry out regular background checks on volunteers in line with Scout and Guide organisation policy.

All our adult volunteers continue to be trained on the safeguarding and safety policies of our organisations and this is refreshed regularly.

We challenge ourselves to deliver adventurous activities, ensuring all our activities are carried out within organisation rules.   They are delivered safety, minimising risk as far as is reasonably practical.

We work together as one team

We are all one family; leaders, parents, and young people.

Parents are engaged and supportive in all sections

Through improved communication, parents and leaders are all aware of group events and activities

Programmes include cross-section activities to build cross-organisation links

Trustees include scout and guide section representation to ensure both organisations share equal importance in the group.

We are visible in the community

We have a strong identity and are proud of who we are and what we do

We are a visible part of the community and benefit from mutual support from community groups

We partner with local charities to help raise awareness/lend a hand with their aims

We engage with local clubs, societies, charities and community groups to deliver activities that supplement our badge and activities programme.

We are known and respected in the community through positive press and our online presence

We are welcoming and inviting

The door is always “open” at the start and end of meetings for parents to meet our volunteers

Parents are involved in helping to deliver activities and regularly join in with events

Sections are full to capacity; young people and adult volunteers want to join us, and want to stay with us.

We welcome everyone, regardless of special needs, faiths and beliefs.

We welcome ideas and feedback on what we are doing, and follow up respectfully and openly.

We value and grow our volunteers

Volunteers are valued by everyone.   We are all volunteers in the group and together we are supported and valued by the young people and their parents.

All volunteers are regularly thanked and recognised for their contribution in a meaningful way.

Young leaders are valued and nurtured to ensure they become great leaders in the future.

All young leaders and adult leaders have a mentor and a training plan.   The leaders of today support and train the leaders of tomorrow.

Opportunities to gain activity permits are created and followed up – the group is able to offer a wide range of activities, and where we do not have the required permits, we are able to partner with groups or volunteers that do have them.

We deliver a great programme

We provide challenging, varied and enjoyable programmes in all our sections.

Every young person is aware of the awards for their section and what they need to do to get them.

Progress records are up to date and are used to drive variety and attainment in the programme.

Each term includes several opportunities for outdoor based activities / away from the hut.

Our young people have regular opportunities to input into programme planning.

We run programmes that attract adults and young people so they want to join us.

We have a strong infrastructure

Our building reflects an active and alive scout and guide group.   It’s an advert for what we do and who we are.

Our building helps us drive income to support our activities.   It is available for community use, including private hire, but use by our sections takes priority.

Finance is well managed, with good reserves available and with little admin needed by section leaders to keep cash flow moving.

Camping and activity equipment is regularly maintained and refreshed where needed.

We have a strong executive team.  All core executive and trustee positions are filled.


(c) 2015/16 Macclesfield Parish Church Scout and Guide Group.
Please acknowledge us if using this document as a basis for your own vision; ultimately though to be successful, the ideas need to come from your own team!